image Use Policy

We are happy to allow people who distribute, sell, or write about our products to use our proprietary images as it is our intent that the images they use are the most accurate and best possible. However, all images must have proper attribution in order to be used. The following method of attribution is the only authorized use of our images by 3rd parties per our Terms and Conditions. For attribution, we require 3rd parties to use the image hosted on our server. For example, if you would like to use an image for part 1012106, the proper use and attribution would be to directly use the following URL:

The image is than directly pulled from our services every time it is used.

The way this would be properly used on using standardized html would be <img src=””>

This can also be accomplished through your content management system (CMS) by using the image URL as the image path instead of uploading a local file from your hard drive. This will vary depending on your CMS, but will look something like the following:


Improper use of our images would be to download the file 14865.png from the Internet, and then upload the file to your server(s) for use. Improper use of our images is a violation of our terms of service as well as United States copyright law. Balboa Water Group takes copyright infringment seriously and reserves the right to protect its intellectual property and will take all necessary and applicable action to do so.

If you have any questions on what is or is not proper use or our images or correct attribution, please contact us.

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